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TV4Education Is Now Powered By SmartSuite.

Why have we moved TV4Education to SmartSuite?
Now each individual school will have their own SmartSuite website that runs and operates TV4Education. It's one place to log in no matter where you are, no matter what time or day it is. You can search all the school's resources, search for new learning videos, request new videos, create your own portable video learning library, watch inspiring videos, create lessons, complete lessons and check a students progress, all in ONE place. 

Let's Talk Video Learning

When you sign up to TV4Education you get the full SmartSuite package which includes SmartClassrooms. This means you now have access to even more video learning tools.

Ready to Use
Lesson Plans

We offer ready-to-use Australian curriculum matched lesson plans and activities to take classroom learning to the next level.

Build your own
Interactive Lessons

Easily build lessons around a topic. Add multiple clips from many videos. Add questions, captions, & monitor how engaged your students are.

Lesson Preparation Assistant

Have a new topic or a student who is struggling? Ask Mike, your research assistant, to find you lesson content that matches your specific needs.